Why Little Chicago?

History runs deep in the city. Minot used to be a hotbed of criminal activity during the Prohibition: Illegal gambling, alcohol bootlegging, and activities the like. As the population grew due to the railroad, so did our popularity due to our infrastructure and location. Tunnels under the city once built for heating or deliveries were turned into a passageway to transport or conceal illicit cargo for Al Capone’s liquor smuggling operations. The restaurants in Minot’s “High Third” were cover operations for illegal gambling and prostitution. A culmination of these activities is what led people to nickname Minot “Little Chicago”.

​Downtown remains to be the heartbeat of the city as it once was, hosting many of the cities’ unique eateries, pubs, and social venues. We hope that you find that each one of our venues surprises and delights you in a different way each time you visit. Each one is unique but all in all, striving to bring you only the best hospitality, cuisine, and good times that Minot has to offer.

​We are Little Chicago. See you soon!